Thursday, April 8, 2010


It has been an interesting experience at SFSU. I was glad that there was a shuttle that would take me from the bart station to the school. I have not taken quite an interest in my classes. The school seem quite busy with everyone passing out flyers. At the Casesar Chavez Center, there were plenty events that would occur there. I am only a first year so I do not have much experience at the school.
There are a wide variety of people at the school. I find there are a lot of activities and clubs that occur at the school. I did not face any problems with plagiarism that was describe in Notre Dame. I think I share the quality of being a performance self, since Bloom describe that students tend to be a performance self.
I would think that it is quite different from Notre Dame. Since, Nothre Dame is a private school, there would be differences in required courses. I believe that the students in Notre Dame would not as much Asian students compare to San Francisco State University. I believe that the students on Notre Dame would be more likely to plagiarize due to the pressures of being in a private school.

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  1. I think that is true that students at Notre Dame would have a higher chance of plagiarism because of all the pressure they are under to get a good grade.