Friday, February 19, 2010

Chapter 3 of My Word!

I agree with Blum's definition of performance and authentic self. Performance self is more about the goal, by whatever means is necessary, while Authentic self focus on originiality. The two of them are vague and can mean a variety of things. A performance self is more likely to plagiarize due to the lack of identifying who is the author. The performance self is what led to the creation of wikipedia, where the people do not get themselves credit.

I believe that I am more of an Authenthic self because I am more focus on my own thoughts then how it looks like for others. However, i believe that people are a mixture between authenthic and performance self. It is unlikely to be purely one thing, since personality tends to go back and forth between original and borrowing others words.I believe that a lot of students are more like performance self because their main goal is to get good grades.

I believe that the shift between authentic self to performance self should be reflected in the school. Since, teachers are more likely to be authentic self,while students are more likely to be performance self causes a conflict between the two. Due to technology, students look to be more about borrowing words, which causes the teachers to condemn them of plagiarism. I wonder what would happen when the students become teachers in the future, which will cause the teachers to be more of a performance self. I wonder what this would be for the students, it would probably have the school more lenient on the students habits, unless students shift back to authentic self.

I agree with Blum's quote of The performance self is more prone to cheat and plagiarize than the authentic self. . .For a performance self, intellectual property is a quaint yet meaningless notion." Since, the teachers are of authenthic self, obviously they would think that the students with a performance self to be cheaters. It is a matter of style. The students simply fall into the category of what teachers believe to be plagiarism, when it is simply a matter of habit for the performance self. The performance self is more likely to borrow words for their goal sense they have a less firm sense of self.

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  1. Why do you say that teachers are more "authentic" selves? Or do you mean that teachers admire the "authentic self" more than the performance self? I'm just curious, because a lot of teachers I know have at least a slightly different persona inside the classroom than outside, so I think of that as a "performance self."