Friday, February 26, 2010

Inventing the University

I find that Inventing the university an intriguing article. It discuss the difficulty of students trying to fit into the subject of the class. The student may have the same idea as a teacher, but the student is unable to express it in academic language. I find that students have an easier time learning facts then learning how to think critically.

I find it difficult to understand in keeping the language consistent throughout the essay. Since, I find that it is perception on what language belong to the rest of its context. There seems to be difculty in how to choose the corrects words to type.

It assumes that the basic writer is a remedial english student. This would explain why the voice of the author doesn't match what it is suppose to be for the crowd. I also find that writers may not be aware of their audience when they are writing to them. Teachers should try to go over more about writing to the appropriate audience.

I find the text difficult to read for the most part. The writer abruptly shifts to an essay to provide an example for him. I wonder whether it would of been better for him to add in examples more fluently. I had to reread some of the sections for me to understand the point of the essay.


  1. I think that's true I mean in a way it is easier just to learn facts and take them in as opposed to critical thinking.

  2. Figuring out what to write is hard, but it may get easier once you know your audience (reader). "Audience awareness" = important
    Hopefully it doesn't get more difficult.. :P